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's talk about mine. captioning sponsored by universal studios domestic television captioned by media access group at wgbh the i team paints a new portrait of the man who killed two santa cruz cops. an ex-marine and convicted peeping tom. surveillance is video that might help police solve a rash of of neighborhood burglaries
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and they have gone low tech to help spread the word. also, how much would you pay to be one of the first people to walk across the new you bay bridge? and alex
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there is no doubt in any one's mind that the officers engaged goo gule t-stopped an imminent threat to the community. >> killed in the line of duty but not in vein by any means injuries the santa cruz officers called heros for this guy came outn.
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here with a gun in each hand just shooting at the cops and then shooting at him. >> a chilling account of the shootout in santa cruz that left the gunman's home riddled with bullet homes jess the beach town of santa cruz in shock tonight. hundreds turned out for a vigil for the fallen officers. they signed condolence cards and brought flowers and shed tears. eric baker and elizabeth butler were the first officers killed in the line of duty in the department history. this has never happened before. we are learning more about how the officers died and about the man who took their lives. >> the two officers detective lauren butch baker, a 28 year veteran and elizabeth butler who worked here for a decade. they were killed by 35-year-old jeremy goulet who had been convicted five years ago in portland on sex and gun charges. he had been killed during
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yesterday's shootout. the deadly confrontation started in one of the bungalows on the 800 block. the two detectives went to his address to investigate a possible sexual assault. goulet was fired as a barista at the kind grind coffee shop after he reportedly broke into a coworker's home friday night and made sexual advances toward her. >> i heard the female officer yelled stop. >> jesse limits may have been the last person to see baker and butler. he was walking in front of the bungalow as they approached it. >> apparently they considered me a suspect. they thought i had been holding up in the house with the is suspect and i had not. >> after 15 minutes he finally convinced the detectives he was not associated with goulet and he continued on walking. >> and then i heard bam, bam, bam. >> the santa cruz county sheriff says oft officers found the two detective's bodies on the bungalow's door steps. >> following the detectives'
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individual murders they were disarmed by goulet and their -- detective baker's vehicle was stolen by goulet. >> multiagency teams set up a perimeter and secured blocks around the shooting scene looking for goulet. here is a shot from sky 7 hd showing police sweeping the area. they encountered goulet in the back of the bungalows on doyle street half an hour later. a barrage of gun fire followed. >> 25 minutes after the percent incident there was another volley of gun shots. >> goulet was shot and killed. >> when goulet was discovered on the ground post shooting he was wearing body armor. in the initial investigation of that scene we found goulet had possessed three different handguns as well as the body armor. >> now, police believe goulet stole the detective's guns as well as the body armor and
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goulet also has a registered gun of his own. one footnote here. the sheriff's deputies and chp are patrolling the streets of santa cruz while its police force mourns. vic lee, abc 7 news. now, the shooting triggered a massive response from firefighters and paramedics as well and you are about to hear are a call sending them into the middle of a shooting scene. listen. >> engine 3112 and medics respond in the area of 140 doyle street. 140 doyle. another victim of a gunshot wound. scene is not secure. repeating scene is not secure. >> firefighters and paramedics found themselves caught in the crossfire along with innocent bye standers. >> the fire personnel that were on that truck assisted the citizens that were caught in
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the area to safety. >> the sheriff also credits the firefighters with using their bodies to shield one woman from the gunfire. they are courageous under fire obviously. and the santa cruz police chief struggled today as he talked about his two officers, both highly respected members of a very small department. abc 7 news reporter sergio with more on these heros. >> during today's news conference, police chief vogel says he was see pecsly close to sergeant lauren butch baker. they started on the police force at about the same time. the chief says butch was an excellent investigator. >> my most skilled investigator with the police department. >> baker and his partner detective elizabeth baker were gunned down as they investigated possible misdemeanor charges against jeremy goulet. butler a uc santa cruz graduate and former student of michael
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rocken. >> trying to decide did she want to be a social worker or working with nonprofits in education and maybe a school teacher and decided she wanted to become a police officer and that was the way she could make a difference in the commune. >> i at the growing memorial of plow flowers for the fallen officers one woman said she met detective butler while getting help for an assault case. >> she would take the time to answer every phone call and any question i had. >> another woman said she has known her through her work on tenants rights. >> arrested me several times but he was always kind. >> on the day after the death of two of its own the small santa cruz police department is struggling to come to terms with what happened. >> the department in mourning. our officers are off today. the city is being protected, the community is be protected by the santa cruz county sheriff's offense as well as the california highway patrol. >> reporter: to show how much support there is community this
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is a vigil that was supposed to haven place at the police station but there were so many people at the vigil that they were expecting that they decided to go ahead and move the vigil to a place that would be able to accommodate everyone. reporting in santa cruz, abc 7 news,. while people mourn a complex picture has begun to emerge of the man who gunned down the two police officers. before moving to santa cruz jeremy goulet lived in berkeley with his twin brother and a worked as a barista there. former neighbors describe him as a little strange and he used to get in fierce fights with his brother. goulet was also a marine corps and army veteran. a blackhawk helicopter pilot and enjoyed guns and target shooting as well as a convicted peeping tom with a come pulsion that was difficult to break. he also worked in a coffee shop in santa cruz.
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more from dan noyes. >> reporter: none of the workers at the kind grind would talk to us about their coworker who gunned down the detectives yesterday before officers shot and killed him. some of the customers he served remember him. >> i didn't notice him engaging with a lot of people. >> he just asked what it was i wanted and gave it to me. that was it. no conversation. no intermation as to what his personality would be or anything. he had no personality. >> he had been vocal in the days before the shootout about problems in his life. >> we know now you that he was distraught and that he had intentions potentially harming people and or the police. >> santa cruz police arrest logs show goulet was picked up this past friday for disorderly conduct involving alcohol. the santa cruz sheriff says detectives were investigating a misdemeanor sexual assault when they went to question him yesterday. his father wouldn't allow us to record our phone conversation but said police wanted to talk him about breaking into a
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coworker's apartment and making inappropriate advances. he was at the is center of a very public incident in portland in 2008. danny thomas caught goulet looking through a window at his girlfriend who was taking a shower. he ran away. over the folk weeks he would argue with goulet when saw him in the neighborhood and then it got physical. >> he went for his pocket and there was something in his pocket. i just grabbed it. >> goulet had a gun. several shots went off as thomas struggled with him and a crowd formed. it dragged on for more than ten minutes before police arrive. >> i was begging people for help and looking straight in the eye and they just smiled and said someone is going to come, i'm not getting involved or things like that and i thought i was going to die. >> thomas wound up pummeling goulet. goulet's fellly attempted murder charge got plead down to misdemeanor handgun possession and invasion of privacy. he had another peeping conviction in california in
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2000 and in court admitted spying on women more than 100 times often taking cell phone video of them. after a disagreement with his probation officer he chose to spend two years in jail rather than attend sex offender classes. all of that happened after what appears to have been some good years of service in the military. record i obtained under the freedom of information act show he spent six years in the marine corps reserve including a stint as military police. then almost four years in the army in alabama, honduras and hawaii. he flew blackhawk helicopters and received several awards including the national defense it service medal global war on terrorism service medal and sharp are shooter marksman badge. until 2008 he was certified by the faa to fly commercial helicopters. he apparently had so many options for his future and two weeks ago he wrote on his facebook page about buying a ticket for this summer's burning man. he said about the event going home. for i-team dan noyes, abc 7
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news. one last note here on the coverage tonight on this. here is what the santa cruz police department has posted on its facebook page. we appreciate all of your love and support during this unbelievably difficult time. we are all one family and one community the. thank you for standing with us. perhaps there is something you would like to share. your condolences can be placed on our facebook page at 7 news. all right. still to come here tonight and abc 7 news at 9:00. a pair of young thieves is caught on camera. tonight police are turning to an old school tactic to solve a rash of neighborhood break-ins. a college education can put you deep in debt or you could go to a four year college for free. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side i will show you how. >> i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. despite our current stretch of mild spring like weather, rainy season hasn't ended yet. i'll hav have the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up.
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the bay area maeor with a news letter promoting a workshop on how to pick a
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a stew tent at uc santa cruz died today after falling down a 75-foot ravine.
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he was discovered this morning and flown to valley medical center in san jose. police have not ruled it suicide. police is surveillance foot and. crooks are tathing homes and cars in the breed moor district and manor community. mark matthews on what is happening and how the police are are responding. >> reporter: in the 1400 block of washington avenue police are reaching out to residents directly talking to them about fighting back against the criminals who have been robbing them. >> trying to get people to get involved. >> the lieutenant says in the neighborhood around bancroft, residents have reported 30 burglaries in the past couple of months. this house was hit. $15,000 worth of televisions, computers, cash and jewelry. >> for some reason, i don't know why they are hutting our neighborhood quite a pitt. >> a couple casing a home. peering in the windows. listening for sounds of any one inside and when they think it is safe they pry off the window
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screen. they never did get the window open and also haven't been caught. >> this is too late. it is great, we got foot and. great that people report this. >> brandt told us is that the goal is to get neighbors to watch out for each other and call the cops when they see something suspicious. >> call us on it and we will send resources out there with the problem we are having and fix it and identify the people before they do a crime. >> outside the safeway store officers and volunteers peered into automobiles looking for valuables left in plain sight. left warnings on the windshield saying if i were a thief you would be a victim. >> phone chargers and things like that. the phone charger is in the car so people break in for those as well. >> the crime prevention officer says she will another event like this on sunday at the bay fair mall. the head of the department's criminal investigation division says if the burglars move from the current trouble spots to
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other parts of san leandro the police are going after them. abc 7 news.s, sealed air abc 7 some oakland residents fear that a class on lock picking might drive up crime. it is part of an event called workship weekend. it the one of is several to o help people build artistic skills. an announcement even appeared in the news letter sent out by mayor jean kwan's offense. >> i feel that a lot of people should not have these skills. >> i know that overall this is a positive event. but in oakland considering our burglary problem it was a little insensitive. >> the mayor's offense told abc 7 news the maeor understands why people are upset and apologizes but points out the "garage science event" is important to oakland's creative community. the public opening of the the new bay bridge span will go on as planned labor day
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weekend. officials have not yet decided whether people should pay to walk across the bridge during the weekend. the toll authority approved $5.6 million in toll funds to cover security. first aid and crowd control. participation is limited to 120,000 people who sign up in advance with officials considering a $5 charge to offis set some of the costs. the a decision will be made next month. that is about what is costs you to drive over it, too. >> you're right. >> use the fast track if you walk. >> depends on how fast you walk. >> spencer christian here with the forecast. we have been spoiled by the mild weather. prepare to be unspoiled because rain is on the way. here is a look at live live doppler 7hd which shows clouds moving into the bay area. we told you earlier they were up to the north and moving in right now. high clouds. thin clouds. moisture off to the north not likely to affect the bay area. a wide area of rainfall
9:21 pm
frommurure reka down to ukiah. looking from the roof camera here we see clear skies. 50 degrees in san francisco. 5 oakland. 53 san jose. bridge from our high definition south beach camera in downtown san francisco. 53 degrees at santa rosa. 53 napa and 50 los gatos. sunny and mild conditions again tomorrow afternoon and the warming will peak on friday after the temperatures start to taper off a little bit. satellite image over the last 12 hours shows the movement of all of the clouds associated with an advancing frontal system pushing into the pacific northwest. warm air ahead of the frontal system and we are sealing the effects at the moment. also seeing clouds move in. forecast animation at 11:00 tonight. during the overnight we will not see rainfall. tomorrow mainly sunny skies and
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warm again. before about becomes mild tomorrow it becomes cool tonight. low temperatures will drop into the mid 40s. right around the bay shoreline. mid 40s also on the coast. san francisco a low of 47. that will be the mildest reading. and up into north bay valleys, santa rosa and nap about will see lows 39 degrees. 38 fairfield. 39 at livermore. then tomorrow. sunny in the afternoon. milder. than today. in the south bay look for highs of 69 san jose. 72 santa cruz. and several locations will break the 70-degree mark. on the peninsula, upper 60s at redwood city, palo alto and mountain view. upper 50s to 60 on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco 63 degrees tomorrow. 60 sun is set district in the north bay. numerous locations at 70 degrees or above. 70 sonoma. napa. 71 santa rosa. east bay. highs of 67. oakland and her cue less. 66 san leandro and union city. inland east bay 70 degrees at
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fairfield. brentwood. livermore. pleasant ton. san ramon and concord. the seven-day forecast. friday the mildest day overall in the seven-day forecast period. highs mid 70s inland. mid 60s on the coast. temperatures gradually drop off as we move into early next week. a few more clouds on monday. a chance of rain on tuesday. and rain is likely again on wednesday. get back into a cooler rainier pattern which is more typical of this time of the year. >> we had weeks of this relatively dry days. >> yeah. >> thanks, spencer, very much. still to come. quite an unveiling today for a bay area artist. and remembering the american
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. president obama says civil rights legend rosa parks has taken her rightful place among those who have shaped the course of american history. the president and congressional leaders unveiled a statue of parks today at the u.s. capitol. the statue made by east bay resident rob furman portrays parks seated wearing a hat and clutching h her purse. in 1955, she refused to give up you her seat to a on an alabama bus. >> she lived life of activism but also a life of dignity and grace. and in a single moment with the simplest of gestures she helped change america and change the world. >> parks is the first black woman to be honored with a full-length statue in the capitol's statuary hall.
9:28 pm
she died in 2005. and pianist van clyburn died today. he rose to fame at the age of 23 at the height of the cold war. he brought home the gold medal at the competition in moscow. besides helping thaw relations with russia the event launched a spectacular career that made him rare classical musician to enyou rock star status. >> he has reached across political frontiers with universal message of beautiful music. >> van sly burn had been undergoing treatment for bone cancer. he was 78 years old. while, as we continue tonight, more than just the street flooded when a water main burst. coming up here, san francisco home owners cleaning up a muddy mess. and are questioning recent repairs in the neighborhood.
9:29 pm
we'll have the story. 7 on your side's michael finney reveals who is ready and willing to give money to your college student. a bay area lawmaker says the war on drugs has failed. his plan to save the state millions. and u.s. involvement in syria. a big announcement coming tomorrow all but concedes that the current strategy is not the working. working. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt.
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some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
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we are learning tonight that america's role in syria may be about to change. the country is dealing with nearly two years of a very bloody civil war. the united nations says as many
9:33 pm
as 70,000 people have di it started. tonight abc 7 news is reporting that the obama administration is now ready to do more to pressure the assad regime. this would be the first time the u.s. has given aid to the military side of the on o position forces. abc news says it could be anything from communications equipment to medical supplies to body armor to armored vehicles perhaps. even if it is only communications gear or say medical supplies that would be a significant shift for the united states and a big boost certainly to opposition groups. it is expected that the new secretary of state john kerry will announce this tomorrow in rome as part of his first overseas trip in that position. stunning health finding today. researches in australia discover that babe yos of overweight mothers are born with clogged arteries. that is the first sign of heart disease. and they say the heavier the women the more the walls are thickened. experts caution that the study is small at this point but
9:34 pm
suggests that over weight mothers are increasing their children's risk of heart disease later in life. how long should someone go to prison for possessing a hard drug like say cocaine or heroin not for selling it but just for using it? that is the the question a bay area lawmaker is asking tonight. he thinks the answer should be different depending on each person's situation. >> reporter: cocaine and heroin, possessioning small amounts of the drugs for personal use could mean less time in a california jail cell. right now the state considers drug possession a felony but a state senator proposes to give the option of cutting the crime as a misdemeanor instead. cutting is sentences from three years to one. the san francisco democrat feels the current harsh ntences target the young and communities of color. >> who benefits from per waiting a chronic underclass of
9:35 pm
citizens here in california and the answer is clearly nobody. >> felony drug charges available to use but having a misdemeanor option could save the state $160 million in court, incarceration and parole costs. it would be used to provide more rehab services. 13 states already treat drug possession as a miss key meaner. supporters say drug crime is not higher in the jurisdictions. >> there is no consequences for being a criminal state senator jim nielsen thinks drug sentencing reform is a bad idea since behan services are overwhelmed. >> where do the low level drug offenders get their money? they rob people. theyburgle and do time crimes t their drugs. >> once the felony is on someone's record it is difficult to move on. >> unable to fend employment
9:36 pm
and often times unable to get housing. we we don't provide folks with every opportunity to become productive members of society it is not that surprising that many folks turn back to drugs. >> the leno proposal does not affect marijuana poe is section which will remain an infraction. in san francisco, nannette miranda, abc 7 news. california's top law enforcement officer today filed a supreme court brief to overturn proposition 8's ban on same-sex marriage. next month the court will hear arguments over the ban. in the 45 page brief harris says she believes the ban is unconstitutional and has stripped loving relationships of validation and dignity under law. another sewage spill in marin county. a true root the grew into a pipe sending 25,000-gallons of sewage into neighborhood. city crews have removed roots at that spot before.
9:37 pm
testing is underway to see if some of the sewage leak inside a nearby creek. home owners in one san francisco neighborhood still cleaning up from the muddy mess that came flowing into air homes earlier today. an old water main burst in the west portal neighborhood flooding cars and some homes. home owners are now you wondering if a recent sewer line replacement could be to blame for this. it happened along 15th avenue. more from heather ishimaru. >> reporter: a back hoe peeled off as like the rind of an orange. the top layer of the street collapsed into a sinkhole this morning after water rushing from a broken 16-inch water main carved out layers of dirt and concrete. that left the rapaport family with no way to get the car out of the driveway and they were the only house without water for most of the day. >> we are actually much more fortunate the than neighbors because we are uphill enough from the break we didn't have any water damage in the house. >> 23 homes downhill from them did. including this one with its own sinkhole in the backyard.
9:38 pm
next store to that house, kate young is crossing her fingers the harley and ducati are okay. they woke to the the sound of rushing water and the house cracking. >> i think it shifted a bit because you could hear it crack all over the place, that is what woke we up and there is cracks inside the house and you can't open or close some windows and some doors you you can't open any more. >> retired san francisco firefighter ray massachusetts reno put priceless pictures of his career out to dry. he knew the city pipes were old but never expected this to happen here. >> the water mains are old. the city is old. the buildings are old. i mean it just we are all getting old oar. >> the broken cast iron pipe dates from 1951. there was a sue youer pipe replacement project here last fall but the puc says it should not have caused this. the sewer system is 100 years old and is being replaced at a rate of 12 miles a year. >> we have the same plans on
9:39 pm
the water system but it teaks revenue and rates and money to do that and so when we go out and ask for the rate increases this is exactly what we are trying to prevent. >> the city says right now it has no idea what caused the pipe to break. it is analyzing that now. heather ishimaru. >> rob: abc 7 news. does beauty sell? how women really feel about products endorsed by models and celebrities. and how mu take for your city to change its name? coming up next, a sugar daddy proposal for one wealthyíáf-
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this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. as you know college students are graduating with a record amount of student loan
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debt and tuition is so high many student its can't afford to go to college. there is a lot of free money available to those young people. michael finney tonight has the story. >> reporter: carlos fernandez of oakland always carries this family photo in his wall hit. he wants to remember how hard his parents worked so he might some day go to college. >> my dad works in construction and my mom works cleaning houses. >> reporter: he was not only first in the family to graduate high school. he did so with straight as. suddenly he realized he would qualify for the prestigious school he visited as a boy, uc berkeley. the only problem, he couldn't possibly afford it. >> i know i will not get the funding that others can get. >> counselors told him try to wen a scholarship. maybe someone out the there would help. >> i began applying for scholarships. even if they were $200. as many as i could. >> he spent days filling out forms and writing essays but really didn't hold out much
9:44 pm
hope. then an e-mail. >> it said congratulations you were granted the scholarship. >> it was just $200 but carlos was thrilled. somebody wanted to give him free money and it was just the beginning. >> i feel really blessed that i was given quite a few. >> seven awards in all totaling $33,000 for his first year. it was enough to cover sue tuition and expenses so here he is today rushing off it to class at uc berkeley. not forgetting those who paveed the way. >> that motivated me even more because i was like you know what these people really believe in me. >> you can have college for free. >> diane dodge is director of the east bay college fund which awards its own scholarships and helps students find others. >> it is very possible for many students to have the complete college education paid for. >> diane shows us some of the thousands of scholarships listed online. many are being awarded reit now and yet many will go unclaim.
9:45 pm
>> thousands of thousands of dollars are left on the table every year because people did not apply. didn't know about it. didn't spend the ten minutes to actually fill out the form. >> hundreds of company and town dabs offer grants often for very specific types of students. >> someone who is a child of someone who is involved in coal mining. there are farm workers children scholarships. there are scholarships for people who went to prom in duct tape. >> sure enough a scholarship by the duct tape company. awarded to students who made a prom outfit out of duct tape and may have a future in design. >> for carlos applying was a lot of work but the reward will last a lifetime. >> you might have fear. put yourself out there and be like you know what, yes, i want to do this but i need help. people have said yeah, we would love to help you. >> there is a very important deadline coming up this saturday. march 2 is the last the day to file the free application for
9:46 pm
federal student aid. that will put you in the running for a lot of money including pell grants. another important tip, think twice before you pay a company to help you find a scholarship. you can do most of this work on your own and there are also frauds throughout some asking for social security number and bank information. don't give out any of that. i posted links at where you can find forms and scholarships. i'm michael fin any. 7 on your side. a lot of money out there apparently. it is not quite an indecent proposal but one that is getting a lot of blu is shs and chuckles because the mayor got an offer for $11.5 million to change the town's name to sugar usa. a dating website for people who want wealthy dates. woodside has plenty of those. the former home of steve jobs and lists billionaire larry beil arery ellison of oracle as a resident. the website also wants the town
9:47 pm
to put up a statue of play boy founder heav hefner. the woodside officials don't really see that happening. coming up, the two robbers who never bargained for an 80-year-old owner willing to put up a fight. we will get that story and see what happened. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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a couple of thieves get a lot more than they bargained for during a smash and grab robbery at a southern california jewelry store. the surveillance video shows two men entering riverton jewelers in sherman oaks. one breaks open the display case and that is when 80-year-old chuck lurey springs into action. the korean and vietnam war vet
9:51 pm
fought off one of the robbers likely 50 years his junior, forcing them out of his store. >> it wasn't a matter of fighting. it was just protecting what belonged to me. >> were you worried at all they might hit you or have a gun? >> don't even think about that. crazy. sometimes we do things and act without thinking. >> the men not away with 15, maybe 20 watches worth roughly $40,000 but he feels he saved many more. he hopes the 8 security cameras will help identify the robbers and bring them to justice. 80 years old. not a great idea but a spry and tough guy. put up a real fight. one last check on the weather. spencer christian here with that. >> i want him on my side. a look at live doppler 7hd. high clouds moving through the bay area right now. rain to our north. north of santa rosa up to clover dale andy you kia. lookand and ukiah. a wide area of moisture but
9:52 pm
most of it as it pushes inland it is going to remain to the north tonight. we will see some clouds in the early morning hours clouds as well. statewide tomorrow a sunny dry mild day. mild in chico, sacramento, fresno and southern california. looks like wet weather will continue to push through the northernmost corner of the state tomorrow. in the bay area, sunny skies tomorrow with high emits in the upper is 60s to low 70s. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. speaking of low 70s. we will see low to mid is 70s on friday. low 70s again on saturday and then cooling down sunday and monday. a chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. we will finally get wet weather and cool weather which is the norm for this time of the year. >> and the norm is what we need. >> exactly right. >> thanks very much, spencer. forget skin in supermodels. researchers say bigger girls can mean bigger profits. women are less likely to buy products if the items are sold by models and celebrities because thin women make
9:53 pm
consumers feel bad about themselves. a better way to increase sales is to use a more supervisorsle image. for male consumers the secret to great abs may be yogurt. a thicker version of what you are use today's and contains extra protein to help men strengthen muscles. it is already being nicknamed brogurt. there he is rushing out to buy some. >> brogurt. >> got to question the name. >> probably if you rub it on your abs you will tone up instantly. won't have to eat it then. >> still have to do situps. if brogurt would sponsor sports. maybe seth curry had some before the game in ma
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 1:00, the unsung hero
9:57 pm
in the police shooting in san jose. the firemen who found themselves in the line of fire. you will get that story. and the new social network designed to help keep you and your neighbors safe. those stories and more coming up for you on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry beil here with all of the sports. >> sports. >> you too can have these. this is the hottest curry ever. curry lit up madison garden for an northbound season high 54 points. 54. wasn't enough to beat the knicks. first a flashback. jackson sport, the short shorts back in the '80s. now, wears a suit. tie londen fryar chandler insane night. 16 points and 28 rebounds for chandler. curry helped to raise a 12-point lead and with david lee serving a one game suspension for fighting last night sftef the wole offense.
9:58 pm
he was 18 of 2 28 shooting in e fourth. picks up a loose ball and stop and pops again. he had 10 threes. set a franchise record. warriors i mean this was the curry show! in new york city! the mekka of basketball! look at him doing his dance. fantastic. but, tied at 105 they finally stop hill. felton with the block on curry and carmelo anthony just torched the warriors. turn around jumper. led the knicks with 35. curry a career high 54 and 11 threes. but the warriors lose their second straight 109-105. it can't be official until march 12 but the 49ers will trade alex smith to the kansas city chiefs in exchange for a pair of draft picks a second-round pick in this year's draft and conditional
9:59 pm
pick based on how smith plays for kc. it started with him being the first pick in the draft back in 2005. colin kaepernick firmly entrenched as the quarterback. they will have 15 picks in the upcoming draft. look for them to bundle some together maybe to get durrell revis of the jets and find a backup quarterback to replace alex. some of smith's teammates tweeted assaying best of luck alex in ac. i know he willdo great things there. dante tweeted good luck to mr. alex smith. you will do great in kc. the ultimate pro. did not gripe when was replaced. logic would suggest that saint mary's already locked up a bid to the ncaa tournament.

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